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M3 Components offers top-quality HVAC products and sheet metal fabrication services, including Spiral Duct, Gorelocked Fittings, and a complete line of accessories for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning project needs. At M3C, our products are meticulously crafted to your precise specifications at our Sacramento-based manufacturing facility. Using materials that surpass SMACNA standards and align with ASHRAE recommendations, we ensure compliance with EPA indoor air quality regulations. We value the opportunity to help you in fulfilling your HVAC project needs – reach out today!

Spiral Duct

M3C offers spiral duct in 5’, standard 10’, and 20’ lengths ranging from 4″ to 22″ diameter. Our duct is manufactured from 28-gauge up to 18-gauge galvanized steel. Additional diameters from 24” up to 64”, custom lengths, and custom stainless steel and aluminum spiral ducts can be specially ordered. Our sheet metal products are meticulously crafted to provide the highest quality.  Special-order duct can be made to your exact length, reducing cutting, minimizing waste, and reducing field assembly time.

Gorelocked Fitting

M3C offers Gorelocked elbows and fittings in a wide range of sizes from 5” to 50” and a vast range of configurations to meet your project needs. Our Gorelocked products are produced from 28-gauge up to 16-gauge galvanized steel to meet your specific project requirements, and custom stainless steel and aluminum Gorelocked elbows can be specially ordered.

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