Manufacturing Process

M3C components are produced in a controlled environment at an off-site manufacturing facility and then transported to the site for installation. This allows for greater flexibility, quality control, schedule savings, and increased sustainability.

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M3 manufacturing facility

What is Productization?

M3C’s products begin with a 3D model including in-wall electrical, plumbing, mechanical, backing, and accessories. These 3D models are used to generate detailed spool sheets that are directly fed into our automated equipment including a steel stud roll former, plasma table, and coil-fed spiral duct machine. The model and spool sheets include all required details for manufacturing including dimensions, specifications, and assembly instructions. Each stage of assembly and finish is verified through a rigorous QC process to ensure quality standards are met at each stage. Upon completion, a special inspector or M3C’s QC officer will complete a final inspection prior to enclosing the products in a heavyweight waterproof shrink wrap to protect the products from the elements during loading, transport, and staging.

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