Headshot photo of Dan Carlton in M3C's manufacturing facility.

Dan Carlton


Dan Carlton is the visionary behind Mark III’s mission to lead the evolution of construction. As President and majority owner of Mark III Construction, he is responsible for all strategic and business aspects of the company. Dan has been the vision and strategic leader behind Mark III’s Project Mountain and will stop at nothing until we have exposed the world to a new way to build.

A California State University, Sacramento alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in construction management engineering, Dan brings more than 20 years of experience to his role, beginning his career in the industry as a fab shop welder for Mark III in 1999.

Outside of work, Dan enjoys flying his plane across the state, adventuring outdoors, hunting, fishing, and exploring with his wife and three children. Most weekends, you will find them at their home away from home on the Yuba River or up north at their lodge.